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HydroPathics (AL)

Our HydroPathics (AL) formula contains homeopathic remedies for the severity of inflammation and metabolic disturbance, the potencies of each remedy is high, for fever, to aid in kidney and liver function.

For those horses exhibiting acute inflammation of the foot, accompanied by strong digital pulses, diagnosed as Acute Laminitis.

Contains twelve (12) individually packaged doses.

Protocol: Given three times daily for four (4) days, or until symptoms subside.

HydroPathics (CF)

Our HydroPathics (CF) formula contains homeopathic remedies dealing with a long standing disorder. We have introduced remedies to deal with bone, and soft tissue health. It is also understood that founder affects the entire horse, and as a result' liver and kidney function is addressed. Inflammation of the joints and general stiffness is very common in these horses;  (RRA) is used to aid in the treatment of these arthritic type symptoms.

For those horses with long standing lameness accompanied by moderate to severe modeling of the distal phalanx (rotation), often referred as Chronic Founder, also recommended for those horses that may be at risk during springtime.

Contains thirty (30) individually packaged doses.

Protocol: Given once daily for thirty (30) days, or until symptoms subside.

 HydroPathics for Founder/Laminitis in the Horse

Laminitis is considered inflammation of the sensitive connective tissues of the equine foot, leading to an acute local congestion. Acute and chronic forms of this condition are recognized, and may involve all four feet. In the practice of Applied Equine Podiatry, laminitis is viewed as elastosis or the loss of elasticity of the connective tissues within the foot, labeled as EDE (Equine Digital Elastosis). In an effort to aid in returning correct metabolic function, and preventing further loss of elasticity, hydration is believed to be essential.
Where pain is present the risk of colic is high, increasing fluid intake can help reduce the risk of colic.